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1553 John Philips  
1676-79 Thomas Willson  
1776-77   Thomas Hodgham and James Jordan  
1778-79 Robert Court and P. Coleman  
1780 Edward Fox and P. Coleman  
1780 William Parris and P. Coleman  
1781 William Bunn and George Horne  
1782 George Horne and J. Gillett  
1783-84 Jeremiah Wraight and J. Gillett  
1785 Jeremiah Wraight and William Wood  
1786 Jeremiah Wraight and Thomas Rolfe  
1787 Thomas Rolfe and Richard Francis  
1788 John Sutton and Jeremiah Wraight  
1789-91 Thomas Williams and Jeremiah Wraight  
1792 Jeremiah Wraight and J. Parkinson  
1793-94 Jeremiah Wraight and William Wraight (Elder)  
1795 P. Coleman and Edward Blake  
1796-97 Edward Blake and William Wraight (Younger)  
1798 Richard Coleman and Thomas Butler  
1799 William Slodden and Thomas Butler  
1800 William Claringbould and Thomas Butler  
1801-02 Nathaniel Hunt and Thomas Butler  
1803 Stephen Slodden and Thomas Butler  
1804 William Parris and Thomas Butler  
1805-06 Jeremiah Wraight and Thomas Butler  
1807-08 Jeremiah Wraight and Edward Blake  
1809 P. Coleman and Edward Blake  
1810 Leonard Hunt and Edward Blake  
1811 William Simpson and Edward Blake  
1812-16 Jeremiah Wraight and Thomas Blake  
1817 Stephen Finn and Thomas Blake  
1818 Thomas Blake and John Caister  
1819 Richard Coleman and Thomas Blake  
1820-21 Robert Gutsole and John Caister  
1822 Thomas Blake and Edward Hunt  
1823 Thomas Crux and Edward Blake  
1824 William Jorden and Leonard Hunt  
1825 William Wood and Leonard Hunt  
1826 Leonard Hunt and F. J. Coleman  
1827 F. J. Coleman and William Lord  
1828 F. J. Coleman and Edward Wraight  
1829 F. J. Coleman and Robert Gutsole  
1830 William Lord and William Jorden  
1831 William Lord and William Holmes  
1832 P. Coleman and William Jorden  
1833-34 William Crux and Thomas Drury  
1835 William Holmes and Wm Whittingham  
1836-38 Thomas Blake and Wm Whittingham  
1839 Thomas Blake and John Boorman  
1840-41 Thomas Hallowes and Thomas Blake  
1842 Thomas Drury and William Jorden  
1843 William Jorden and Thomas Drury  
1844 Thomas Drury and Thomas Hallowes  
1845 Thomas Blake and John Caister  
1846 Thomas Blake and Thomas Drury  
1847 Thomas Blake and John Caister  
1848 James Elliott and John Caister  
1849-51 John Caister and Thomas Packam  
1852 John Caister and Thomas Drury  
1853 James Baker and Thomas Packam  
1854-55 J. Holmes and John Caister  
1856 James Elliott and J. Holmes  
1857-58 J. Holmes and Thomas Blake  
1859-60 John Jones and Thomas Blake  
1861-67 John Caister and Thomas Blake  
1868-78 John Jones and John Caister  
1879 John Jones and Frank Elliott  
1880-83 John Jones and Thomas Blake  
1884 John Jones and Robert Pryn  
1885-96 John Jones and Leonard Hunt  
1897-1905 John Jones and Thomas Ashdown  
1906 John Jones and P. Broadly   
1907 John Jones and Prynne Jones  
1908 William Smith and Prynne Jones  
1909 William Smith and F. Glazier  
1910-15 William Smith and T. Niel  
1916-17 William Smith and F. J. Francis  
1918-20 R. Uden and F. J. Francis  
1921-40 George Martin and F. J. Francis  
1941-53 C. F. Krabbe and F. J. Francis  
1954-56 C. F. Krabbe and George Warren  
1959-63 T.R.S.Miller and A. E. Jordan  
1964-78 T.R.S.Miller and C. H. Uden  
1978-79 T.R.S. Miller and E. Ralph  
1979-80 E. Ralph and R. Andrews  
1980-81 R.Andrews and H. Wightwick  
1981-82 R. Andrews and D. Freeman  
1982-83 D. Freeman and A. Parry  
1983-85 A. Parry and E. Ralph  
1985-92 A. Parry and R. Andrews  
1992-94 R. Andrews and J. Rees  
1994-96 M. Holmes and J. Everson  
1996-98 M. Holmes and B. Coxon  
1998-99 M. Holmes and R. Siebert  
1999-2000 M. Holmes and J. Aireton  
2000-02 M. Holmes and D. Holliwell  


D. Holliwell and G. Lee



D. Holliwell and M. Parker

2011-12 D. Holliwell and J. Walton



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