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Dymchurch Churches Care Group

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Chairman    Dotti Holliwell

               Pam Kehaya

               Chris Harvey

                 Cecelia Gerald



A Brief history of Dymchurch Churches Care Group


Until recently, this group was known as Dymchurch Pilgrim's Hospice Fund Raising Group.


    (You may need to scroll down the page to read in full)   

The group was founded in April 1982. It was an ecumenical group with representatives from each of the churches in Dymchurch. The plan  was to hold a few fund-raising events throughout the year and send a sum of money at or around Christmas. The original target was 200 a year but this was exceeded from the start. The original committee included June Ralph. Janet McVicar, Ruth Peters, Helen Wilson, Dorothy Clarkson, Heather Foster, Pam Wilson ( now Mrs John Rees), Beryl Clare.

They started with a series of coffee mornings always in someone's  home and from the outset, the support was considerable. The first coffee morning at Helen Wilson's house raised 87.55 quite something in 1982!

During this same year a church service was held at St Lukestide attended by people from all three churches. This has happened every year since with the three churches taking it in turn to host the service. The address is always given by someone from the Hospice to speak about their particular field of work.

Over the years, two more Hospices have been built in East Kent and fund-raising groups all over the area help to provide finance for the many aspects of work. It now costs over six million pounds to maintain the three Hospices with only a relatively small proportion of the money coming from the NHS.

Our own committee now consists of just five people. We still hold four events each year and aim to send about 1200. We also help occasionally with bigger events at the Hospice but have elected to remain as an independent group rather than come under the actual Hospice organisation. This meant that we had to change our name as we would be no longer allowed to include 'Pilgrims Hospice' in our title. We felt that this was important as we like to be free to buy our own items to make goods to sell or to find things for the raffles etc. Without this independence, we would need to ask for finance for such things and we felt this would be cumbersome. We manage our own account, send what we raise to the Hospice and just retain a small amount for the things already mentioned and hall bookings. We are in touch with Lindsay Goode, the fund-raising co-ordinator for the Hospices.

Recently we discovered that we should not put bottles of wine etc, on the Tombola or in raffles. We are now the 'proud' possessors of a liquor licence to make us entirely legal.

We are always open to new ideas but by working closely with the Hospice shops in Dymchurch, we feel we can vary our activities as required.