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Priest in Charge Revd. Julie Coleman


 The Vicarage, North Street, New Romney TN28 8DR - Tel: 01797 362308


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Please telephone Julie for Baptisms, Weddings and Banns or

for any pastoral concerns which you would like to discuss.



The Reverend Julie Coleman - Priest-in-Charge

Dear Friends, 

July is the typical holiday season when we emerge out into our gardens, or risk foreign climates to get a sun fix! The pharmacy shelves are groaning with the latest lotion to keep at bay the sun‘s rays, whilst at the same time promising a bronzed body to rival the Olympians of old!

Personally I love the hot weather, though I become shy of direct sun bathing. Sitting under a shady tree or vine is, for me, a way of connecting to those biblical figures in both Old and New Testament who also indulged in sitting under a tree. Whilst I like to think I might connect into a long and noble tradition of sitting under a tree I must confess the principle reason remains that the shade stops me burning!

I hope that each of you will enjoy a refreshing summer. That we may, like the great characters of our bible, rest awhile under the shade of God‘s love and care and so be refreshed when he calls us once again to live and work together within our communities in the Romney March Benefice.

May I wish you all a good long relaxing summer.

With love in Christ,


 'What a difference a day makes!

A few of us decided to help our fellow parishes by embarking on a church clean beginning with Ivychurch and Newchurch. As we encountered the spiders, cobwebs and dust, we learned what it means to truly serve our brother and sister, which was made even more poignant when a group of visitors arrived by coach on a guided tour of St George's. They called us "Holy Cleaners" but instead we have dubbed ourselves the 'Cleaning Crusaders' as we plan to travel to our other brothers and sisters in the benefice to help where we can. If you're not afraid to roll up your sleeves and join us, ring Revd Julie because every little helps.'