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Mag. Ric. De Bello 1260-1
      Mag. Ric. de Clyve 1286-7
A.C. St. Augustine     John de Rya      1294
A.C  St. Augustine     Radulphus de Olneye  1304
A.C  St. Augustine     Mag. Tho. Breoun      1316
A.C  St. Augustine     Mag. Tha Mazoun      1317
A. C. St. Augustine     John de Reynham, MA, BCL          1349
A.C  St. Augustine     Hugh de Staneford      1359
A.C  St. Augustine     Robert de Brygham     1374
The King ā€“ The Abbacy being vacant Richard Prentys           1389
The King ā€“ The Abbacy being vacant Ralph Repynton 1389
A. C. St. Augustine     John de Walesby          1389
A. C. St. Augustine     Will Stowford              1390
A. C. St. Augustine     Will Wilflete                1390-1
A. C. St. Augustine     Will Brumle                 1409
A. C. St. Augustine     John Clytherow  LLB        1409
A. C. St. Augustine     Hen. Aldurby                      1409
A. C. St. Augustine     John Martyn                            1413
A. C. St. Augustine     Will Derby                          1415
A. C. St. Augustine     John Martyn                        1416
A. C. St. Augustine     Hugh Fitz-David                  1418
      (alias Owen ap David)  
A. C. St. Augustine     Thos. Wytthurley               1422-3
A. C. St. Augustine     Will.  Kyrye                        1425
The King (for this turn)   Thos. Wyot                            1426-7
A. C. St. Augustine     Robt. Hyldegare                  1428
A. C. St. Augustine     Geo. Whitley  
A. C. St. Augustine     Phil. Brethnok                    1457
A. C. St. Augustine     Hugh Harfflet                      1457-8
A. C. St. Augustine     Thos. Kemp                         1461
A. C. St. Augustine     Thos. George                       1466
A. C. St. Augustine     Ric. Wyllesford LLB           1473
A.C. St. Augustine     Will. Gelytard  
A.C. St. Augustine     John Saunder                         1490
A.C. St. Augustine     John Hede                              1511
A.C. St. Augustine     Thos. Payne, MA                   1518
A.C. St. Augustine     Will. Malham                         1522
A.C. St. Augustine     Thos. Horton                           1532
A.C. St. Augustine     Rob. Brachie                           1536
Alice Matte or Tailour     Christopher James                   1553
  (Wid.) ( For this turn)        
The Queen     Will. Hunt                                1554
The King & Queen     John Carlyell                          1556
The King & Queen     Will. Best                               1556-7
The Queen     John Forsett                            1562-3
The Queen     Rob. Marlen or Martin            1566
The Queen     Thomas Hughes, MA              1589
The Queen     Martin Lawrey, MA                 1598
The Queen     George Hudson, MA                1599
The King       Rob.  Elye, MA           1599
The King       Hen.  Hilles, BA          1619
The King       Richard Burton, MA     1625
The King       Basil Kennett                 1676
The King       Will. Smith                      1686
The Queen     Richd. Bowes, LLD         1713
The King       Julius Deeds, MA             1718-9
The King       Claudius Clare, LLB         1752
The King       John Raisbeck                   1765
The King       Will.  Webster                    1787
The King       Will. Pulling                       1835
The Queen     Chas. Cobb, MA  (A.M. 1st Class)   1860
Archbp Tait     Charles Eaton Plater, MA     1876
Archbp Davidson     Henry Lonsdale Boldero       1907
Archbp Davidson     John Sadler Gale, MA           1915
Archbp Davidson     Guy Seymour Back, MA       1921
Archbp Davidson     Gordon Cuming, MA            1926
Archbp Lang     Angus Forbes Simons, MA   1934
Archbp Fisher     John Harrison Edinger, MA   1955
Archbp Ramsey     Ronald D. dā€™E. Meredith, BD, AKC  1962
Archbp Ramsey     A. Kenneth Sims, ALCD       1968
Archbp  Donald Coggan, MA, DD David C. Maple                       1976
Archbp  Robert Runcie, MA, DD,    MC J. Hugh Walker                       1982
Archbp  Robert Runcie, MA, DD,    MC Stanley R. Underhill                 1988
George Carey, BD, MTh, PhD, ALCD Peter N. Ashman                      1993
George Carey, BD, MTh, PhD, ALCD Roger H. Ellis, MA                 2000
Archbp Rowan Williams, BA, MA, Dphil, FBA Martin N. Dale, BSc (Lond), CPA 2005
Bishop Dr Stephen S Venner, BA, MA James L. Field, BSc DMS 2008
Bishop Trevor Willmott Julie Victoria Coleman 2014

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